Masha And The Bear All Songs

Masha and the Bear is a Russian animated television series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and by Animaccord Animation Studio The Series based on the Russian folk story Masha and the Bear. The show became very popular in the world. The show contains a lot of songs (more than 23).

All songs will be added eventually.

Songs Season 1:

List of Songs

  1. Cristmas Song
  2. Song of Animal Tracks
  3. Song of Jams
  4. Song of Friendship
  5. Song Of Three Wishes
  6. Song Of Skates
  7. Song Of Cleanliness
  8. Song About Lonely Holiday
  9. Song of Hiccups
  10. Song of the Young Artist
  11. Coming Home Song
  12. Sweet Tooth’s Song
  13. Song of Beauty
  14. Happy Birthday Song
  15. Like A Film
  16. Song of Past And Future 
  17. Mashketeers’s Song
  18. Seven Musical Notes
  19. Song Of Young Astronauts
  20. Monkey Around
  21. Song of World’s Words
  22. Song of Funny, Sunny Life

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