Monkey Around

Monkey Around is a song from russian tv series Masha and The Bear episode “Monkey business”. The song is performed by Kaitlyn McCormick.

Monkey Around Lyrics

I am living in a dream
I run around and scream
I can balance on a beam
Go Swimming in a stream

I am folowing my own rules
Time gets caught up in a whirpool
When you’re free from homework and school
Like is realy cool

What has happend? What’s with me?
I am about to cry
And how could this even be?
Somebody tell me why

This has taken quite a bad turn
And it’s causing a big concern
Oh if only I could soon return
I would live and learn

Don’t be lazy don’t be bad
You’ll be Happy you’ll be glad
You can only be a human
If you work and study hard

It’s so exciting learn reading learn writing
You will be a human life will be super good

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Original Version Russian Version

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