Song About Lonely Holiday

Song About Lonely Holiday is a song from russian tv series Masha and The Bear episode “Holiday on Ice”. The song is performed by Mikhail Shtangrud.

Song About Lonely Holiday Lyrics

Christmas season is the reason
Why I’m home alone and why
I’m inviting to my party
Only me, myself and I

I can choose the best of seats
Play my favorite games and toys, and
Eat delicious snacks and treats
That’s the spirit I rejoice in

It’s not very jolly merry
To spend Christmas all alone
You would be sad and would feel bad
And the cause for this is known

Even with the tallest tree
Ornaments and decorations
It can be no joy, you see
No friends means no celebrations

When our buddies come to party
Smile and laugh, sing, dance and play
When we’re caring and we’re sharing
That’s a happy holiday

(Woohoo, woohoo, it’s Christmas again)

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