Song of Hiccups

Song of Hiccups is a song from from Masha and the Bear Russian Tv Series, episode 22 «Hold your breath!» The song perfomed by Elsie Fisher.

Song of Hiccups Lyrics

Kids are always asking
lots and lots of questions
I will ask you only one
please give me suggestions.

Where the silly hiccups come from
WIll they go away?
Do I have to suffer night and day?

High and Low, down and up
I Hiccup (Hicc-up!)
Way below and to the top
Will they stop ? (Hicc-up!)
Will these Hiccups, will these hiccups
ever stop (Hicc-up!)

On each word I stutter
Every word I shatter
I’m trying everything
but it does not matter

Could you please, oh pretty please
suggest for me a cure
This is something that I can’t endure!

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