A Place Called Slaughter Race

A Place Called Slaughter Race is a credits song from Disney movie “Ralph Breaks The Internet“. It is sung by Vanellope von Schweetz, Shank performed by Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot and Cast.

A Place Called Slaughter Race Lyrics

Vanellope: What can it be that calls me to this place today?
This lawless car ballet?
What can it be?
Am I a baby pigeon sprouting wings to soar?
Was that a metaphor?
Hey, there’s a dollar store!

Look! I’m rhyming!
My spirit’s climbing!
As I’m called through this fog of mace
To this place called Slaughter Race!

Shank: Welcome back, watch your head
Hate to see you wind up dead
Thief: Let’s get this party rollin’!
Vanellope: Is that appliance stolen?

Shank: We have-
Butcher Boy: Fallen wires!
Little Debbie: Dumpster fires!
Clown: Creepy clowns!
Felony: And burning tires!
Shank: That great white in the sewer
You’ll be happy that you knew her!
Vanellope: Fin bump!

Shark: Dogs and cats, they sure taste great!
Dog #1: With a side of license plate!
Dog #2: Some find us deplorable
Vanellope: Well I think you’re adorable!
Shank: We may be a motley crew,
But our hearts ring true
Tattoo Artist: And just for you a face tattoo!

(instrumental break)

Chorus: Ohh…
Slaughter Race…

Vanellope: My heart’s in flight and wow, it’s a blast!
Feels like my dreams are real at last!
Shank: No trace of a frown upon your face!
Vanellope: Flying so fast!
Shank: Setting the pace!
Vanellope: Living the life!
Shank: Loving the chase!
Vanellope: Now is the time!
Shank: Here is the place!
Both: This Slaughter Race!

Vanellope: I know I should go,
But home feels so slow
These roads are paved with dreams
Clown:(speaking) Happy dreams, not creepy clown dreams.
Vanellope: What would Ralph say,
If it turns out I stay
In this place called “Slaughter Race”?

In this place called “Slaughter Race”

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