My Little Pony Season 5 Songs

The fifth season of My Little Pony began on 4 April 2015. The season 5 contains 26 episodes and 16 songs. The majority of songs are from two musical episodes “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” and “The Mane Attraction”.

Season 5 Songs:

  1. “In Our Town” (“The Cutie Map”)
  2. “Make This Castle a Home” (“Castle Sweet Castle”)
  3. “I’ll Fly” (“Tanks for the Memories”)
  4. “Rules of Rarity” (“Canterlot Boutique”)
  5. “Sisterhood” (“Brotherhooves Social”
  6. “We’ll Make Our Mark (Prelude)” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  7. “The Vote” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  8. “The Pony I Want to Be” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  9. “Light of Your Cutie Mark” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  10. “The Pony I Want to Be (Reprise)” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  11. “We’ll Make Our Mark” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  12. “Equestria, the Land I Love” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  13. “The Spectacle” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  14. “The Magic Inside” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  15. “Equestria, the Land I Love (Reprise)” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  16. “Friends Are Always There for You” (“The Cutie Re-Mark”)

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