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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (MLP: FIM) is an animated kids TV Series created by Lauren Faust and based on the fourth generation of Hasbro’s My Little Pony toyline and media franchise. The show follows adventures of 6 ponies (Mane 6) Twilight Sparkle, Applejack (Ashleigh Ball), Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain), Fluttershy (Andrea Libman), Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball), and Pinkie Pie (Libman), and Twilight’s dragon Spike (Cathy Weseluck). The series aired from October 10, 2010, to October 12, 2019. A spin-off franchise, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, was launched in 2013, running alongside the show for several years. A feature-length film adaptation based on the television series, titled My Little Pony: The Movie, was theatrically released on October 6, 2017, in the United States. A spin-off reboot series, titled My Little Pony: Pony Life, premiered on Discovery Family on November 7, 2020.

Songs By Characters

Songs By Season

Images and Posters From My Little Pony

Images and Posters from My Little Pony 5 Generation

List of Season 1 Songs

  1. “The Laughter Song” ( Friendship is Magic (Part 2) )
  2. “Pinkie’s Gala Fantasy Song” (“The Ticket Master” )
  3. “The Ticket Song” (“The Ticket Master” )
  4. “Hop Skip and Jump Song” ( “Dragonshy” )
  5. “Evil Enchantress Song” (“Bridle Gossip”)
  6. “Winter Wrap Up” (Winter Wrap Up)
  7. “Cupcake Song” (“Call of the Cutie”)
  8. “Art of the Dress” (“Suited For Success”)
  9. “Art of the Dress” (Reprise) (“Suited For Success”)
  10. “Hush Now Lullaby” (“Stare Master”)
  11. “Cutie Mark Crusaders Song” (“The Show Stoppers”)
  12. “You Got to Share, You Got to Care” (“Over a Barrel”)
  13. “So Many Wonders” (“The Cutie Mark Chronicles”)
  14. “Pinkie Pie’s Singing Telegram” (“Party of One”)
  15. “At the Gala” (“The Best Night Ever”)
  16. “I’m at the Grand Galloping Gala” (“The Best Night Ever”)
  17. “Pony Pokey” (“The Best Night Ever”)

List of Season 2 Songs

  1. “May the Best Pet Win (Find A Pet Song)” ( “May the Best Pet Win!” )
  2. “Becoming Popular”/The Pony Everypony Should Know ( “Sweet and Elite” )
  3. “The Heart Carol” (“Hearth’s Warming Eve”)
  4. “Happy Monthiversary” (“Baby Cakes”)
  5. “Piggy Dance” (“Baby Cakes”)
  6. “The Flim Flam Brothers” ( “The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000”)
  7. “The Perfect Stallion” ( “Hearts and Hooves Day”)
  8. “Smile Song” (“A Friend in Deed”)
  9. “Cranky Doodle Donkey” (“A Friend in Deed”)
  10. “Welcome Song” (“A Friend in Deed”)
  11. “Cranky Doodle Joy” ( “A Friend in Deed”)
  12. “B.B.B.F.F.” (“A Canterlot Wedding”)
  13. “This Day Aria” ( “A Canterlot Wedding”)
  14. “This Day Aria (Reprise)” (“A Canterlot Wedding” )
  15. “Love Is in Bloom” ( “A Canterlot Wedding” )

List of Season 3 Songs

  1. “The Failure Song” ( “The Crystal Empire” )
  2. “The Ballad of the Crystal Empire” ( “The Crystal Empire” )
  3. “The Success Song” ( “The Crystal Empire” )
  4. “Babs Seed” ( “One Bad Apple” )
  5. “Raise This Barn” ( “Apple Family Reunion” )
  6. “Morning in Ponyville” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )
  7. “What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )
  8. “I’ve Got to Find a Way” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )
  9. “A True, True Friend” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )
  10. “Celestia’s Ballad” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )
  11. “Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )
  12. “Life in Equestria” ( “Magical Mystery Cure” )

List of Season 4 Songs

  1. “Hearts Strong as Horses” ( “Flight to the Finish” )
  2. “Hearts Strong as Horses (Reprise)” ( “Flight to the Finish” )
  3. “Bats” ( “Bats!” )
  4. “Generosity” ( “Rarity Takes Manehattan” )
  5. “Generosity (Reprise)” ( “Rarity Takes Manehattan” )
  6. “Apples to the Core” ( “Pinkie Apple Pie” )
  7. “Glass of Water” ( “Three’s a Crowd” )
  8. “Pinkie the Party Planner” ( “Pinkie Pride” )
  9. “The Super Duper Party Pony” ( “Pinkie Pride” )
  10. “Pinkie’s Lament” ( “Pinkie Pride” )
  11. “The Goof Off” ( “Pinkie Pride” )
  12. “Cheese Confesses” ( “Pinkie Pride” )
  13. “Make a Wish” ( “Pinkie Pride” )
  14. “Music in the Treetops” ( “Filli Vanilli” )
  15. “Find the Music in You” ( “Filli Vanilli” )
  16. “Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic” ( “Leap of Faith” )
  17. “The Rappin’ Hist’ry of the Wonderbolts” ( “Testing Testing 1, 2, 3” )
  18. “You’ll Play Your Part” ( “Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 1” )
  19. “Let the Rainbow Remind You” ( “Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 2” )

List of Season 5 Songs

  1. “In Our Town” (“The Cutie Map”)
  2. “Make This Castle a Home” (“Castle Sweet Castle”)
  3. “I’ll Fly” (“Tanks for the Memories”)
  4. “Rules of Rarity” (“Canterlot Boutique”)
  5. “Sisterhood” (“Brotherhooves Social”
  6. “We’ll Make Our Mark (Prelude)” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  7. “The Vote” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  8. “The Pony I Want to Be” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  9. “Light of Your Cutie Mark” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  10. “The Pony I Want to Be (Reprise)” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  11. “We’ll Make Our Mark” (“Crusaders of the Lost Mark”)
  12. “Equestria, the Land I Love” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  13. “The Spectacle” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  14. “The Magic Inside” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  15. “Equestria, the Land I Love (Reprise)” (“The Mane Attraction”)
  16. “Friends Are Always There for You” (“The Cutie Re-Mark”)

List of Season 6 Songs

  1. “Out on My Own” (“On Your Marks”)
  2. “Hearth’s Warming Eve Is Here Once Again” (“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”)
  3. “Say Goodbye to the Holiday” (“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”)
  4. “The Seeds of the Past” (“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”)
  5. “Pinkie’s Present” (“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”)
  6. “Luna’s Future” (“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”)
  7. “Hearth’s Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (Reprise)” (“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”)
  8. “I Can Do It on My Own” (“Flutter Brutter”)
  9. “It’s Gonna Work” (“Spice Up Your Life”)
  10. “Derby Racers” (“The Cart Before the Ponies”)
  11. “A Changeling Can Change” (“The Times They Are a Changeling”)
  12. “Find the Purpose in Your Life” (“The Fault in Our Cutie Marks”)

List of Season 7 Songs

  1. “Best Friends Until the End of Time” (“All Bottled Up”)
  2. “Battle for Sugar Belle” (“Hard to Say Anything”)
  3. “You’re in My Head Like a Catchy Song” (“The Perfect Pear”)
  4. “Flawless” (“Fame and Misfortune”)
  5. “Blank Flanks Forever” (“Marks and Recreation”)

List of Season 8 Songs

  1. “School of Friendship” (“School Daze – Part 1”)
  2. “Friendship Always Wins” (“School Daze – Part 2”)
  3. “Your Heart is in Two Places” (“Surf and/or Turf”)
  4. “Friendship U” (“Friendship University”)
  5. “We’re Friendship Bound” (“Road to Friendship”)
  6. “A Kirin Tale” (“Sounds of Silence”)
  7. “Just Can’t Be a Dragon Here” (“Father Knows Beast”)

List of Season 9 Songs

  1. “The Place Where We Belong” (“Uprooted”)
  2. “Fit Right In” (“She’s All Yak”)
  3. “Better Way to Be Bad” (“Frenemies”)
  4. “Lotta Little Things” (“Between Dark and Dawn”)
  5. “The Last Laugh” (“The Last Laugh”)
  6. “Being Big is All It Takes” (“Growing Up is Hard to Do”)
  7. “The Magic of Friendship Grows” (“The Last Problem”)

List of Songs My Little Pony The Movie (2017)

  1. “We Got the Beat”
  2. “We Got This Together”
  3. “I’m the Friend You Need”
  4. “Time to Be Awesome”
  5. “One Small Thing”
  6. “Open Up Your Eyes”
  7. “Rainbow”

List of Songs My Little Pony Specials

  1. “One More Day” (My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever (2018))
  2. “The True Gift of Gifting” (My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever (2018))
  3. “Rainbow Roadtrip” (My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip (2019))
  4. “The End of the Rainbow” (My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip (2019))
  5. “Living in Color” (My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip (2019))

Images and Posters From My Little Pony

Images and Posters from My Little Pony 5 Generation

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