Cupcake Song

Cupcake Song is a song from My Little Pony season 1 episode 12 “Call of the Cutie”. It is sung by Pinkie Pie and perfomed by Shannon Chan-Kent.

Cupcake Song Lyrics

Pinkie Pie:
All you have to do is take a cup of flour!
Add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour!
A bit of salt, just a pinch!
Baking these treats is such a cinch!
Add a teaspoon of vanilla!
Add a little more, and you count to four,
And you never get your fill of…

Cupcakes! So sweet and tasty!
Cupcakes! Don’t be too hasty!
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!

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