Big City Greens

Big City Greens is Disney Channel 2D animated television series created by Chris and Shane Houghton. The series premiered on June 18, 2018, on Disney Channel.


Season 1

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun
  2. Tilly’s Bird Song
  3. Today Is A-OK
  4. Barry Cuda
  5. Funtopia

Season 2

  1. The Best Part of Christmas
  2. Good Deeds are Good Indeed
  3. If I Can’t Have Christmas
  4. Christmas is Busted
  5. No Christmas At All
  6. The Best Part of Christmas (Reprise)
  7. Miss Tilly’s Fun Time TV Hour
  8. Crispy’s Sundae Challenge
  9. My Name is Bill Green
  10. Banana Song
  11. Can’t Never Give Up (My Pickup Truck)
  12. Back Off!
  13. Ask My Kazoo
  14. Thinking Is Hard
  15. Sing My Song
  16. The Community Song
  17. We Blortin’
  18. Burgs and Fries

Other Songs

  1. Queen of Nice
  2. Doof Sings Deck the Halls
  3. Stuck at Home
  4. Where Are All the Monsters?
  5. Movin’ to Gramma’s House
  6. Grateful for the Greens
  7. Monsterman

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