Stuck at Home

Stuck at Home is a song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” special short “Broken Karaoke”. The song is sung by Cricket Green, Tilly Green, Bill Green, Alice Green, and performed by Chris Houghton, Marieve Herington, Bob Joles, Artemis Pebdani.

Stuck at Home Lyrics

Bill:Cricket, be careful!
Cricket:Dad it’s about to start!

Stranded! I’ve been grounded,
The one time I did nothin’ wrong.
And I’ve never been so bored,
That’s why I’m singin’ this here song.
I’ve lost morale,
Miss my best pal,
I long to ride my pig on the freeway.

Tilly:Brother, I don’t think that was ever allowed.

Bill: It’s not time to go out,
Must keep my children occupied.
If only they published
An Endless Lockdown Parents’ Guide!
No outdoor tasks
Without our masks,
We wash our hands until they’re dry as hay.

Cricket:And I never used to wash my hands.

Gramma: Feelin’ just a bit stir crazy,
Not the best at bein’ lazy,
What’s today?
My brain’s gone hazy!

Tilly:It’s Monday.
Bill:Maybe Thursday?

All: Ohhhhhhhh
This is a declaration!
We can’t stand isolation!

Bill: Kids always nagging!
Cricket: Video chat’s lagging!
Gramma: Sat so long, I broke my tailbone!
All: We’re going mad, cause we are stuck at home!

Tilly:Family, we may be lookin’ at this wrong.

With all this separation,
We’re stuck inside for quite a bit.
It’s not time to go out,
But we can make the best of it.
Just read a book,
Or learn to cook,
Set up an epic maze of dominoes.

Cricket:Hm, well when you put it that way…

No more fits and whining,
I get to watch so much TV!
Bill: We’ll find the silver lining,
Gramma: Like throwin’ my own dance party!
Tilly: Let’s make some art,
Bill: Bake a fruit tart,
Cricket: Nobody cares if I do not wear clothes!

Bill:Ugh! Cricket, you still have to wear clothes.
Cricket:Aw, man!

All: Ohhhhhhhh
This is a declaration!
We’ll get through isolation!

Tilly: This won’t last forever!
Cricket: We’re in this together!
Gramma: We’ll fight through the highs…
Bill: And the lows!
All: We’ll do our part, don’t mind we’re stuck at home!

Cricket:Alright, song’s over. Clothes are comin’ off!

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