Songs from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure

Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (TangledTheSeries) is a Disney Television Animated series, based on Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film Tangled (2010) . The series premiered on March 24, 2017 on Disney Channels in USA. The series pilot made its debut in March 10, 2017 with a television special. There are 3 seasons. All seasons have about 10-15 songs.

Songs by Characters

Tangled The Series

Season 1

  1. Wind In My Hair (Tangled Before Ever After)
  2. Live After Happily Ever After (Tangled Before Ever After)
  3. Wind In My Hair (Reprise) (Tangled Before Ever After)
  4. Friendship Song (Pascal’s Story)
  5. Listen Up (The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth)
  6. I’ve Got This (Queen For A Day)
  7. Let Me Make You Proud (Queen For A Day)
  8. Let Me Make You Proud (Reprise) (Queen For A Day)
  9. Set Yourself Free (Secret Of The Sundrop)
  10. Ready As I’ll Ever Be (Secret Of The Sundrop)
  11. More Of Me (Credits)

Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure

Season 2

  1. Next Stop Anywhere (Beyond The Corona Walls)
  2. If I Could Take That Moment Back (Beyond The Corona Walls)
  3. Next Stop Anywhere (Reprise) (Beyond The Corona Walls)
  4. View From Up Here (Freebird)
  5. Hook Foot Ballad (There’s Something About Hook Foot)
  6. Buddy (Rapunzel And The Great Tree)
  7. Reverse Incantation (Hurt Incantation) (Rapunzel And The Great Tree)
  8. Waiting In The Wings (Rapunzel And The Great Tree)
  9. Livin’ The Dream (The Brothers Hook)
  10. With You By My Side (Destinies Collide)
  11. Everything I Thought I Ever Knew (Destinies Collide)

Season 3

  1. Waiting In The Wings (Reprise) (Rapunzel’s Return)
  2. Crossing The Line
  3. Reverse Incantation (Hurt Incantation)
  4. Stronger Than Ever Before (Rapunzel’s Return)
  5. Bigger Than That (Be Very Affraid)
  6. The Girl Who Has Everything
  7. he Girl Who Has Everything (Reprise)
  8. Nothing Left to Lose
  9. Through It All
  10. I’d Give Anything
  11. Life After Happily Ever After Finale