View From Up Here

View From Up Here is a song from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Season 2 episode 5 “Freebird”. It is sung by Rapunzel and Cassandra, and performed by Mandy Moore and Eden Espinosa. The Season 2 Soundtrack contains extended version of the song.

View From Up Here Lyrics

Life’s been so unsatisfying
Look, suddenly now I’m flying
Freewheeling from cloud to cloud to cloud

Wings spread, and the sky below me
There’s no one to stop or slow me
Pure freedom and everything’s allowed

Down there, I know there’s tons of burdens I must bear, somewhere…

But from up here, the world looks so small
And suddenly life seems so clear
And from up here, you coast past it all
The obstacles just disappear

You never feel heavy or earthbound
No worries or doubts interfere
There’s nothing but you
Looking down from the view from up here

Rapunzel: Stretch out with the wind behind you
Cassandra: Here we go
Rapunzel: Float up, let the current find you
Cassandra: Look out below
Rapunzel: Keep climbing, and sail from breeze to breeze
Cassandra: Stay close, don’t leave me, please!

Head up to the stratospheres
With only the stars to steer us
Just think of the possibilities

Cassandra:I think I’ve got it!

Rapunzel: Below, we spend our whole life trudging to and fro, now-

[ Extended part]
[Both: And from up here
Rapunzel: The world looks so wide
Cassandra: Yet every horizon seems near
Both: And from up here
Rapunzel: No path is denied
Cassandra: You choose which direction you veer

Rapunzel: And suddenly you can breathe easy
Cassandra: Contented
Rapunzel: Care-free
Cassandra: Cavalier

Both: Just gliding on through
Looking down at the view from up here]

Both: And from up here, the world is all yours
Each mountain and meadow and mere
And from up here, life’s duties and chores
Are barely worth shedding a tear

And all of the sky lies before us
Straight up to the far stratosphere
So head for the blue
And let’s take in the view from up here

It’s just me and you
Looking down at the view from up here

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