My Little Pony Season 1 Songs

The first season of My Little Pony started on 22 October 2010. The season 1 contains 26 episodes and 17 songs.

Season 1 Songs:

  1. “The Laughter Song” ( Friendship is Magic (Part 2) )
  2. “Pinkie’s Gala Fantasy Song” (“The Ticket Master” )
  3. “The Ticket Song” (“The Ticket Master” )
  4. “Hop Skip and Jump Song” ( “Dragonshy” )
  5. “Evil Enchantress Song” (“Bridle Gossip”)
  6. “Winter Wrap Up” (Winter Wrap Up)
  7. “Cupcake Song” (“Call of the Cutie”)
  8. “Art of the Dress” (“Suited For Success”)
  9. “Art of the Dress” (Reprise) (“Suited For Success”)
  10. “Hush Now Lullaby” (“Stare Master”)
  11. “Cutie Mark Crusaders Song” (“The Show Stoppers”)
  12. “You Got to Share, You Got to Care” (“Over a Barrel”)
  13. “So Many Wonders” (“The Cutie Mark Chronicles”)
  14. “Pinkie Pie’s Singing Telegram” (“Party of One”)
  15. “At the Gala” (“The Best Night Ever”)
  16. “I’m at the Grand Galloping Gala” (“The Best Night Ever”)
  17. “Pony Pokey” (“The Best Night Ever”)

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