At the Gala

At the Gala is a song from My Little Pony season 1 episode 26 “The Best Night Ever”. It is sung by Twilight SparklePinkie PieRainbow DashApplejackRarityFluttershy and performed by Rebecca Shoichet, Shannon Chan-Kent, Ashleigh Ball, Kazumi Evans, Andrea Libman.

At the Gala Lyrics

Twilight Sparkle: I can’t believe we’re finally here. With all that we’ve imagined, the reality of this night is sure to make this… The Best Night Ever!

 Twilight Sparkle: At the Gala
 Choir: At the Gala
 Fluttershy: At the Gala
In the garden
I’m going to see them all
All the creatures
I’ll befriend them at the Gala
 Choir: At the Gala
 Fluttershy: All the birdies
And the critters
They will love me big and small
We’ll become good friends forever
Right here at the Gala!

 Choir: All our dreams will come true
Right here at the Gala
At the Gala

 Applejack: At the Gala (It’s amazing)
I will sell them (Better hurry)
All my appletastic treats (Yummy yummy)
Hungry ponies (They’ll be snacking)
They will buy them (Bring your money)
Caramel apples, apple sweets (Gimme some)
And I’ll earn a lot of money
for the Apple family!

 Choir: All our dreams and our hopes from now until hereafter
All that we’ve been wishing for will happen at the Gala
At the Gala

 Rarity: At the Gala
All the royals
They will meet fair Rarity
They will see I’m just as regal at the Gala
 Choir: At the Gala
 Rarity: I will find him
My Prince Charming
And how gallant he will be
He will treat me like a lady
Tonight at the Gala!

 Choir: This is what we’ve waited for to have the best night ever
Each of us will live our dreams
Tonight at the Gala
At the Gala

 Rainbow Dash: Been dreamin’
I’ve been waitin’
To fly with those great ponies
The Wonderbolts, their daring tricks
Spinning ’round and having kicks
Perform for crowds of thousands
They’ll shower us with diamonds
The Wonderbolts will see me right here at the Gala!

 Choir: All we’ve longed for
All we’ve dreamed
Our happy ever after
Finally will all come true
Right here at the Grand Gala
At the Gala

 Pinkie Pie: I am here at the Grand Gala
For it is the best party
But the one thing it was missing was a pony named Pinkie
For I am the best at parties, all the ponies will agree
Ponies playing
Ponies dancing
With me at the Grand Gala!

 Choir: Happiness and laughter at the Gala
At the Gala

 Twilight Sparkle: At the Gala (At the Gala)
With the Princess (With the Princess)
Is where I’m going to be (She will be)
We will talk all about magic and what I’ve learned and seen (She will see)
It is going to be so special
As she takes time just for me (This will be the best night ever!)

 Choir: Into the Gala we must go
We’re ready now, we’re all aglow
Into the Gala, let’s go in and have the best night ever
Into the Gala, now’s the time
We’re ready and we look divine!

 Choir and Fluttershy: Into the Gala
 Fluttershy: Meet new friends
 Choir and Applejack: Into the Gala
 Applejack: Sell some apples
 Choir and Rarity: Into the Gala
 Rarity: Find my Prince
 Choir and Rainbow Dash: Prove I’m great
 Rainbow Dash: As a Wonderbolt is
Fluttershy: To meet!
Applejack: To sell!
Rarity: To find!
Rainbow Dash: To prove!
Pinkie Pie: To whoop!
Twilight Sparkle: To talk!

 All: Into the Gala
Into the Gala
And we’ll have the best night ever! At the Gala!

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