Know It All

Know It All is a song from season 2 Sofia The First episode 16 “Princess Stays in the Picture”. It is sung by Princess Hildegard and Sofia and performed by Jenna Lea Rosen and Ariel Winter.

Know It All Lyrics

Hildegard: First day of school, out on the yard
Making new friends was kinda hard
Saw my big sister there in the sun
So I ran up to join the fun

They were all doing their princess twirl
Told me to try it, to give it a whirl
But I didn’t know it so I fell down
And everyone laughed, the entire playground

And that was the day I found…

If I was gonna make new friends, I’d have to know it all
And learn all the latest trends so that I’d never fall
But if I don’t know what to say, I act like I know anyway
‘Cause everybody loves somebody who always…
Knows it all

Sofia: I’m sorry you had a tough first day at school. So did I.
But knowing a lot of things doesn’t make people like you. I mean,
I like you more now that you’ve told me all this.
Hildegard: You do? Why?
Sofia: Because I’m finally getting to know who you really are.
You’re being honest. And nicer. And that’s a better way to make friends
than pretending to know it all.
Hildegard: Maybe you’re right.
Sofia: This is one thing I definitely know.

Sofia: There isn’t any need to be a know it all
Good friends are there when you succeed, or even when you fall
Just be humble, warm, and kind, and I know you’re sure to find…
That no one ever really minds if you don’t…
Know it all…

No one ever really minds…
Hildergard: If I don’t…
Both: Know it all

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