Sofia Songs

Sofia is a main character in TV Series Sofia The First. She is a young girl. Arial Winter is a speaking and singing voice of Sofia. Sofia sings very often almost in each episode. All songs where she sings could be founded here. In this article will be mentioned only her solo songs and songs where she plays a significant role. Some songs will be added eventually. Sofia’s songs are – I’m Not Ready to be a Princess, Rise and Shine, Anything, Perfect Slumber Party, All You Need, I Belong, Good Little Witch Ballad, Good Little Witch, The Ride of Our Lives, Bring My Best Friend Back, I’ll Get My/That Amulet, Make It Right, A Recipe for Adventure, Royal Fun, Sisters and Brothers, Me and My Mom,Friendship is the Formula, Be Your Own King, Believe in Your Dream, Mystic Meadows, Stronger Than You Know, A Princess True, Helping Hand, Hoppin’ Out With You, It’s a Small New World, Improvise, Moment to Shine, A Better Me, Save The Day, Sunny Thoughts, Take A Leap, More to Adore, Give The Kid One More Chance, The Magic of the Mystic Isles, Our Royal Plan, That’s Not Who I Am, Tough Enough, This Feeling I’m Feeling In Me, Super Spooky Night, I Am On Your Side, The Fairy Way, The New School, You’ve Gotta Have Fun, A Big Day, For One and All, On My Own.


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