Give The Kid One More Chance

Give The Kid One More Chance is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 4 “Pin the Blame on the Genie””. It is sung by Sofia and Sergeant Fizz and performed by Ariel Winter and Keith Ferguson.

Give The Kid One More Chance Lyrics

Sergent Fizz: A Genie Patolman
has very tough views
We stick to facts only
We just follow the clues
Sofia: But what if the truth is
Not clear at first glance
There’s more to this story
Give the kid one more chance

Fizz: I caught lots of genies
Who all went astray
This kid’s just like they were
In his lamp, he must stay
Sofia: We both know Kazeem though
He just wouldn’t lie
Think out of the lamp
Just give the kid one more try

Fizz: My heart hears what you’re saying
But my hard head just says no
Spend my days jailing genies
I ain’t familiar with hope
Sofia: I believe in you sergeant
Like I still believe in Kazeem
Don’t give up on your friends sergeant
You are the genie dream team

(Instrumental Bridge)

Fizz: I guess what you’re saying
Is soften my stance
Believe in my gut
And give the kid one more chance
Sofia: You’re not just a gumshoe
Stuck in an old dance
You’ve learned a new step
Fizz: I’ll give the kid one more chance
Sofia: He deserves one more chance
Both: Give Kazeem one more chance

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