The Right Wrong Thing To Do

The Right Wrong Thing To Do is a song from season 4 Sofia The First episode 3 “The Crown of Blossoms”. It is sung by Clover and performed by Wayne Brady.

The Right Wrong Thing To Do Lyrics

Give it back now?
Do I give it back now?
On the one hand, buddy
What’s right is plain to see
Can’t plant these tiny seeds
They’re not my property
But on the other hand
I did not steal at all
The seeds dropped from the sky
And I just broke the fall

The hardest thing to figure out
The problem I just can’t get through
What if the thing that you call right
Is just the wrong right thing to do?
Just the wrong right thing to do

Think it out now

Think about the veggies
Stacked straight up to the sky
Lettuce, kale, and carrots are the apple of my eye
These seeds just waste away
Up in that blossom crown
Why don’t I move em right on down to garden town?


So let’s just take a little time
And look at this thing more logically
It could be what’s wrong to you
Is just the right wrong thing to me
Just the right wrong thing to me

Come on
Come on

You can stop your little dance
I know ya think I shoulda told her
But they say the truth is in the eye of the beholder
Now I gotta make a choice
Not just stand here getting older
Cause this golden opportunity won’t get much golder
So this bunny’s gonna step it up and be a little bolder

(Instrumental Bridge)


This right here, my man
Oh, it’s the right wrong thing to do
Gotta say it
It’s the right wrong thing to do

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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