Be Your Own King

Be Your Own King is a song from season 2 Sofia The First episode 7 “King for a Day”. It is sung by Sofia and James and performed by Ariel Winter and Zach Callison.

Be Your Own King Lyrics

Sofia: Your crown is brand new, it’s weighing heavy on you.
You’ve got a kingdom to run and a lot you have to do.
But if you rule the way that you like to play.
Your fun ideas will help you seize the day.

You’ll see what you can bring.
When you’re being your own king.
You can fix anything.
You’ll soon get in the swing, if you can be your own king.

Just get creative, be innovative then get little bit authoritative.
Take the lead….
James: I’ll take the lead
Sofia:… And you’ll succeed.

James: They’ll see what I can bring when I’m being my own king.
Sofia: You can fix anything.
James: I’ll soon get in the swing.
Sofia: With your own song to sing.
James: They’ll see what I can bring, if I can be my own king
Sofia: You gotta be your own king

James: I’m gonna be my own king
Sofia: You’re gonna be your own king

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