The Show Must Go On (Finale)

The Show Must Go On (Finale) is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” season 1 episode 8 “The Show Must Go On”. The song is sung by Charlie, Vaggie, Lucifer, Alastor, Angel Dust, Husk, Niffti, Vox, Valentino and performed by Erika Henningsen, Stephanie Beatriz, Jeremy Jordan, Amir Talai, Blake Roman, Keith David, Kimiko Glenn, Christian Borle, Joel Perez.

The Show Must Go On (Finale) Lyrics

Charlie: He did it for us, the ultimate sacrifice
He gave me his trust, and look how we pay the price
This bloodshed could have been avoided
If I convinced Heaven to work together
I took a hotel and I destroyed it
I know I could have done better

Better, instead of letting you down
Lucifer: Come on little lady, why the frown?
In the last ten-thousand years

You’re the first one to change this town
You can do this, now I know it!
For your story has just begun
You can’t quit now, hell, you owe it
There’s still damage to be undone

You’ve changed my mind, you’ve touched their hearts
Found the good in souls gone bad
The stage is wrecked, the crowd is gone
But by God, Charlie!
The show, it must go on

Choir: We can do this
We can build it
Best hotel, that you’ve ever seen!
Twice the bedrooms, we can fill it
Lucifer: With more sinners, that you can dream!

Lucifer, Vaggie and Angel Dust: It starts with you, you know, it’s true
Choir: Fulfill your destiny!
Charlie: So long as I’ve got all of you with me!

Niffty: To build a hotel, I think we need some brick and lumber.
Lucifer: Good thing we’re in Hell. Check out this little magic number!
Angel Dust: Start with foundation.
Lucifer: A remedial creation from me
Lucifer, Niffty, and Angel Dust: It’s as easy as can be!

Charlie: No time for cryin’, we got a lot of work to do
And we gotta try and make the best of what’s in ruins
Vaggie: New coat of paint!
Husk: New lights across the marquee
Charlie, Vaggie, and Husk: With a little sorcery!

Vox: After the battle, masterless cattle,
Overlords hanging by a thread
Vox and Valentino: With a bit of vibrato, maybe tomorrow, we’ll be atop the heap
Valentino: While the rest of Hell’s pissing
Vox: Alastor’s missing

Vox and Valentino: Fled with his tail between his legs
Nature abhors a power vacuum, it leaves room for you and me
The future of Hell belongs to TheVees

Alastor: This place reeks of death, there’s a chill in the air
And I barely escaped being killed by a hair
“Great Alastor, Altruist, died for his friends”
Sorry to disappoint! That is not where this ends!

I’m hungry for freedom like never before
The constraints of my deal surely have a backdoor
Once I figure out how to unclip my wings
Guess who will be pulling all the strings! (laughs)

Choir: We can do this
Charlie: We can do this
Choir: We’ll be better
Charlie: We’ll be better
Choir: Though redemption may take a while
Charlie: Though it may take a while

Choir: Wayward sinners, clear their ledger
Alastor: And we’re doing it with a smile
Choir: Yeah!
Lucifer: Oh this guy…

Charlie: We made a difference, wait and see
Charlie and Vaggie: We’re gonna do this, you and me
Choir: and then tomorrow it will be a f*ckin’ happy day in Hell!

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