Sofia The First Season 2 Songs

The season 2 of Sofia the First started on 7 March 2014, season 2 contains 28 episodes and 32 songs.


  1. Sisters and Brothers (“Two Princesses and a Baby”)
  2. Two by Two (“Two Princesses and a Baby”)
  3. All You Desire (“The Enchanted Feast”)
  4. Huzzah! Huzzah! “The Flying Crown”
  5. Me and My Mom “Mom’s the Word”
  6. Tilly, Oh Tilly “The Silent Knight”
  7. Friendship is the Formula “Enchanted Science Fair”
  8. Be Your Own King “King for a Day”
  9. Make Your Wishes Well “When You Wish Upon a Well”
  10. Believe in Your Dream “Gizmo Gwen”
  11. Keeping Promises No Matter What “Sofia the Second”
  12. Mystic Meadows “Mystic Meadows”
  13. Stronger Than You Know “Princesses to the Rescue!”
  14. The Ghostly Gala “Ghostly Gala”
  15. A Princess True “The Emerald Key”
  16. In Your Paws “Scrambled Pets”
  17. Know It All “The Princess Stays in the Picture”
  18. Helping Hand “Baileywhoops”
  19. A Kingdom of My Own (The Curse of Princess Ivy)
  20. Smoke, Wings and Fire ( The Curse of Princess Ivy)
  21. Dare to Risk it All (The Curse of Princess Ivy)
  22. From the Heart “Winter’s Gift”
  23. I Feel So Free “The Leafsong Festival”
  24. Never Forget The Sorcerer’s Secret “Substitute Cedric”
  25. Hoppin’ Out With You “Clover Time”
  26. Make Our Dreams Come True “In a Tizzy”
  27. Play With Us “A Tale of Two Teams”
  28. It’s a Small New World “The Littlest Princess”
  29. Improvise “Buttercup Amber”
  30. Any Deed For Those In Need “Carol of the Arrow”
  31. My First Flight (“Sidekick Clio”)
  32. Wings of a Dream (“Sidekick Clio”)

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