Sofia The First Season 1 Songs

The Season 1 of Sofia the First (3D computer-animated television series created by Craig Gerber) made its debut on Disney Channel on 18 November 2012 with TV Film Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. The usual episodes started on 11 January 2013. The seson 1 contains 30 songs and 5 songs from TV Film.

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Season 1

  1. “Princess Things” (“Just One of the Princes”)
  2. “Anything” (“Just One of the Princes”)
  3. “Perfect Slumber Party” (“The Big Sleepover”)
  4. Make Some Noise (“Let the Good Times Troll”)
  5. Cedric the Great (“Cedric’s Apprentice”)
  6. Goldenwing Circus (“A Royal Mess”)
  7. All You Need (“The Shy Princess”)
  8. Blue Ribbon Bunny (“Blue Ribbon Bunny”)
  9. I Belong (“The Princess Test)”
  10. You Can Always Count On Baileywick (“Baileywick’s Day Off”)
  11. The Picnic of the Year (“Tri-Kingdom Picnic”)
  12. Good Little Witch Ballad (“The Little Witch”)
  13. Good Little Witch (“The Little Witch”)
  14. The Ride of Our Lives (“Two to Tangu”)
  15. The Ride of Our Lives (Reprise) (“Two to Tangu”)
  16. Bring My Best Friend Back (“Finding Clover”)
  17. I’ll Get My/That Amulet (“The Amulet of Avalor”)
  18. We’re Buttercups (“The Buttercups”)
  19. Make Way for Miss Nettle “Make Way for Miss Nettle”
  20. Make It Right (“The Amulet and the Anthem”)
  21. Enchancia Anthem (“The Amulet and the Anthem”)
  22. Bigger is Better (“Tea for Too Many”)
  23. Princess Butterfly (“Princess Butterfly”)
  24. A Recipe for Adventure (“Great Aunt-Venture”)
  25. The Simple Life (“The Baker King”)
  26. Merroway Cove (The Floating Palace)
  27. The Love We Share (The Floating Palace)
  28. Wassailia (“Holiday in Enchancia”)
  29. Peace and Joy (“Holiday in Enchancia”)
  30. Royal Fun (“Four’s a Crowd”)

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