Enchancia Anthem

Enchancia is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode  17 “The Amulet and the Anthem”. It is sung by Ruby, Jade, and Sofia and performed by Diamond White, Isabella Acres and Ariel Winter.

Enchancia Anthem Lyrics

Jade and Ruby: From the silver flying horses
Of the ever golden glades
To the dragons on the cliff tops
Of the blazing palisades

Enchancia, Enchancia
Come hear our humble call
Enchancia, Enchancia
A land for one and all

Where the valiant knights protect us
From the darkest evil spells
And your wishes all come true here
If they’re made in wishing wells

Jade, Ruby, and Sofia: Enchancia, Enchancia
A beacon shining bright
Enchancia, Enchancia
Where all our dreams take flight

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