I Belong

I Belong is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode  8 “The Princess Test”. It is sung by Sofia and performed by Ariel Winter.

I Belong Lyrics

Sofia: I wasn’t born a princess. Sometimes,
I feel like I have to keep proving I belong.

I study hard, I read the books
But everywhere I turn
It seems like there’s a zillion things
That I still need to learn…

I’ve got the shoes, I’ve got the dress
That makes me a princess, I guess
I have all the stuff, but is it enough
To make me a success?

Oh, how do I keep on trying and just stay strong
When so many times, I wonder if I belong?
They look at me, what do they see?
Am I royal, or just pretending to be?
But this is the day to make them all say
That I fit in perfectly

I’ve got to keep on trying and just stay strong
Cause this is my chance to show them that I belong

Is it all about the fan or
which dress someone wore?
Cuz’ I would think, that what’s inside
Should mean a whole lot more

So I gotta go and take this test
I’m gonna try my very best
To make the right move
And finally prove
I’m as royal as the rest

Yes, I’m gonna keep on trying and I’ll stay strong!
Cause this is my chance to show them that I belong!

There may be things I may get wrong
But I gotta just stay strong
I’m gonna finally show them…

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