Blue Ribbon Bunny

Blue Ribbon Bunny is a song from season 1 Sofia The First episode  7 “Blue Ribbon Bunny”. It is sung by  Clover with the chorus by Mia and Robin and Sofia and performed by Wayne Brady, Ashley Eckstein, Meghan Strange and Ariel Winter.

Blue Ribbon Bunny Lyrics

CloverHit it, Whatnaught!

You know Princess,
I’m no ordinary rabbit!
No, no, no!
Heeeere we go!
Ha, ha, ha!
Check it out!

When I hop to the garden,
They stop and stare
Plain to see that I got that flair
A little somethin’ called salad flair
(Robin & Mia: He’s no common hare)

Clover:I dig up a tasty gormet lunch
And I serve it on china
‘Cause when we’re talkin’
‘Bout food my friend
There’s nobody finer

Y’all give it up cause I got the moves
And I got the hops
I’m telling you look out below
‘Cause I’m the tops

I’m a blue ribbon bunny
And don’t you know?
A blue ribbon bunny
I’m the best in show
(He’s a blue ribbon bunny)
And I’m all the rage
(A blue ribbon bunny)
When — I — take — the — stage

Uh, break it down
Uh Go Clover!

Robin & Mia: He’s a Pro, look at him go, stealing the show)

What other rabbit
Can nap all day,
Then polish off a whole buffet?
Right from the salad and the pate?
(Robin & Mia:To the last buffet)

I’m king of the woods
Without a doubt, there is no equal
You see me once and then you’ll shout,
“Hey I want a sequel!”

Y’all give it up cause I got the moves (Do do do)
And I got the hops (Do do do)
I’m telling you look out below!!!
Cause he’s the tops)

I’m a blue ribbon bunny
(Yeah and don’t you know)
I’m a blue ribbon bunny
(He’s the best in show)
Sofia: (He’s a blue ribbon bunny)
At the pet contest
(A blue ribbon bunny)
You’re gonna see who’s best…


Blue ribbon bunny!
(Blue ribbon bunny
Don’t you know)
I’m your bunny
(Blue ribbon bunny
He’s the best in show)
Blue ribbon bunny
(Blue ribbon bunny
At the pet contest)
You know who’s the best!
Heh, heh! Me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!



You’re a blue ribbon bunny
And so much more
A blue ribbon bunny
The one I adore
A blue ribbon bunny
And it’s no contest
A blue ribbon bunny
I know you’re…the best

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