Knowing What I Know Now

Knowing What I Know Now is a song from 2023 Disney musical animated film “Wish”. The song is sung by Asha and her friends and performed by Ariana DeBose and Wish Cast.

Knowing What I Know Now Lyrics

Asha: You’ve been deceived
Magnifico is not the man he claims to be
He’s more vicious than I could have ever comprehended
When I made a wish and start came down
This is not what I expected or intended

But now that it’s happened I don’t regret it
‘Cause now I’ve seen
Him show his true colors in shades of green
Saying that you wishes aren’t safe because of me and
That’s a lie, lie, lie, lie
And I-I know I can’t do this on my own and

If it’s not us then who and whеn?
If we don’t fight he knows he wins
Not allowеd
Knowing what I know now
The lengths he’ll go there’s no amount
I won’t sit back watch this play out
That’s my vow
Knowing what I know now

Dahlia: Get up, yah!
Know I’m not the only one that’s (Yah)
Fed up (Yah)

Dario: Wait ’till they hear our feet go dun, dun, dun, dun (Yeah)

Hal: I don’t think he’s prepared for what’s coming
All: A revolution hit the ground runnin’
Asha: If there’s one thing he can’t keep down

Dahlia and Asha: It’s us and the strength we’ve found
It’s too loud
Asha: Knowing what we know now
All: Knowing what we know now

Gabo: And who, who knows if we’ll succeed?
But we—
Hall: Won’t stop and we won’t retreat or turn round
Asha: Knowing what we know now
All: Knowing what we know now


Safi: Can he tell what we’re becomin’? (Hoo)
Dario: Hear it in the way we’re drummin’ (Hoo)
Bazeema: I was sweet but now I’m something else (Hoo)

All: Yah, yah, yah, yah! (Hoo-hoo)
Dario: Ain’t it nice of us to drop in (Hoo-Hah)
Hal: To take what’s ours to take it back in? (Hoo-Hah)
Gabo: He thinks we’re nothing (Hoo)
Asha: But we’re something else! (Hah)
All: Yah! (Hoo)

All: I’ve seen too many bad things that I can’t keep count
Hoo-hah, hoo-hah
He loves one thing more than himself
Hoo-hah, hoo-hah
His crown (Crown)
Knowing what I know now
All: Knowing what I know now (Hoo-hah-hoo)

Queen Amaya: The good in him I’ve watched it melt
Hoo-hah, hoo-hah-hah
I was fooled by the love I felt
Hoo-hah, hoo-hah
So profound (Ahh)
Knowing what I know

Asha: I know (Hoo)
Dahlia: I know (Hah)
Dario, Hal, Gabo: We know now (Hoo)
All: Knowing what we know now

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