In The House

In The House” is a song from 101 Dalmatian Street, which names all the Dalmatian puppies. The song is a part of Season 1 101 Dalmatian Street Soundtrack. The song perfomed by Scott Krippayne and Felicia Barton. 

In The House Lyrics

Who we got (Come on)
In the house (Woo)
Hope everyone’s around

Who we got (Alright)
In the house
It’s roll-call time
So, let’s count them down

Dylan, Dolly, Dawkins, Doug, Delilah, too
Triple-D: Destiny, Dallas and Déjà Vu
Dante, D.J., Deepak, Diesel, Dorothy (So sweet)
Da Vinci, Delgado, Dizzy and Dee Dee

Desmond, Delphie, Dafydd and Dinlo
Donburi, Declan, Diana and Ditto
Denzel, Dapple, Domino, Darby
Darcy, Dandy, Donut. 32 is a party

Who we got (Come on)
In the house (Woo)
69 to go (69 to go)

Who we got (Alright)
In the house
Hoping that everyone’s home

Dodger, Dara, Demi, Dimple, Denim and Dean (I see)
Daoud, Dingo, Dieter, Dijon and Doreen (43)
Duffy, Dobie, Diamond, Derek, Dusty and Dane (Okay)
Delta, Dilma, Dominique, Duke and Dechang (More than halfway)

Debbie-May, Debbie-Lou, Debbie-Lee (Uh-huh)
Denver, Devon, Duck, Dimitri 1, 2 and 3 (Let’s get it)
Dutch and Duchess, Drama and Drew (Woo)
Dinga, Donny, Duncan, Dax and Dibs. 72 (72)

Who we got (Come on)
In the house (Woo)
Disco, Dixie and more
Who we got (Alright)
In the house
Now, we’re at 74 (We’re on a roll)

Dubaku, Diego, Daphne and Divya
Doris, Dvorak and Dolce Vita (Uh-huh)
Dalmar, Drake, Dupont and Deneesha (85)
December, Dai-Ichi and Donna-Maria
Dionne, Dulcinea, Dalston and Deuce (92)
Daley, Dorset and Desiree. We’re almost through (Woo)

Darius, Damian, Durian
Dani (Nearly there)
Dumpling and Dakota, that’s 101!

Who we got (Come on)
In the house (Woo)
We didn’t miss a spot (We got them all)

Who we got (Alright)
In the house
1-0-1’s the number we got

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