The Purr-Fect Place

The Purr-Fect Place is a song from 2021 Netflix musical animated short film “Robin Robin“. The song is sung by Cat and performed by Gillian Anderson.

The Purr-Fect Place Lyrics

Cat: Micey ears atop a birdy beak
Robin: Well, yeah.
Cat: But I’ve never seen a bird
So peculiar, so absurd 
How about we play a game
Of hide-and-seek, if you can?

As a mouse, to me
You seem to be just terrible 
Fitting in is more
Than dress-up and pretend

If it’s fitting in you’re desperate for
Come down, search no more 
I know the perfect place
For you, my friend
For you, I’ve the perfect place

Not picky, stick with me
What’s in a name?
A robin or a mouse? 
After all, under the skin
You’re all the same 
It’s what’s inside that counts

Fitting in could be a breeze 
Just a squash and a squeeze
Brush out those ears
Come along with me 
Quick as a glug
You could be sitting snug, perfectly 
You don’t fit in
But you’d fit into my belly 

For you, I’ve the perfect place 
For you, I’ve the perfect place

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