Loud Castle

Loud Castle is a song from Netflix musical animated film “The Loud House Movie”. The song is performed by The Loud House Movie Cast. The song also plays during teaser-trailer.

Loud Castle Lyrics

Shouting through the empty halls just to hear an echo call
Trying to find a bathroom on time (Oy! Oy! Oy!)
Hopscotch on the royal tiles, corridors that run for miles
It’s the perfect home for the rest of our lives

Loud Castle, Loud Castle
Yell, stretch, spreading out, even got our own town
Loud Castle, Loud Castle
All the room we’ll ever need, it feels good to finally breathe

Loud! Castle! Loud! Loud Castle!

It’s all about me now, spotlight on Lincoln Loud
Stepping out of the crowd to really shine (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Dub me the one and only
The spotlight is on me, and this timе it’s all mine

Loud Castle, Loud Castle
So much еmpty space with no one in your face
Loud Castle, Loud Castle
Eleven kids, a zillion rooms, I guess it’ll have to do
Loud Castle, Loud Castle
Home was sweet but so compact, why would we return to that?

Teaser Version

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