The Finale Song (Robin Robin)

The Finale Song is a song from 2021 Netflix musical animated short film “Robin Robin“. The song is sung by Robin, Magpie and mice and performed by Bronte Carmichael, Adeel Akhtar, Richard E. Grant, Amira Macey-Michael, Tom Pegler, Endeavour Clutterbuck, Megan Harris.

Song starts from 2:08

The Finale Song Lyrics

Robin: Hey! Over here!
A song for your ear 
While we keep to the shadows 
Mice: Don’t get heard
Whisper every single word 

Robin: Look at me fly
Catching your eye 
Mice: With crumbs in our arms
And a raisin or two
And a coin from the middle
Of this sticky brown poo

Robin: Look at me
And you won’t see my sneaky family
Mice and Magpie: Don’t make a sound 
Do make a sound 
Don’t leave a trace 
Do leave a trace 
Keep to the shadows 
And the light
What we need
This is more than we need.
Magpie: Thank you!

Robin: The rules of The Sneak are these
Magpie: Dum-dum-dum

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