What’s a Hootenanny

What’s a Hootenanny is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 7 “The Hootenanny”. The song is sung by Durpleton and others and performed by Josh Radnor and The Centaurworld Cast.

What’s a Hootenanny Lyrics

Hey, Daddleton!
Yes, son? I got a question for you, please
Just one
Go on, ask me anything 
Okay then, Daddy 
What’s a hootenanny?
A hootenanny? 
Yes, because I’ve never been
To one before

Oh son, my son-leton
You won’t believe your eyes
I really wanna tell you
But I’ll keep it a surprise

So cold 
Breathe in a bag!
So cold 
Breathe in a bag!
We’re off to the hootenanny
And that makes us slightly less sad
Our fave hootenanny traditions are… 
Hat making  Snow golf 
And carols with kittentaurs
This could be the least stressful one
That we’ve ever had
All hail Glendale!

What’s a hootenanny
Without a moletaur pudding pie? 
It’s delicious and moist
And the gophertaurs
Make a pretty good queso
A side dish that is equally moist 
Holetaurs have a great taste in food
Probably to make up
For their lack of eyes
But if they cook a hootenanny dinner
Don’t expect ’em to clean
Or put anything away though
I mean, that’s totally fair, right?

We’ve got mixed feelings
About hootenannies 
It’s the time of year
When they hang shiny stuff on trees
I get you’re being festive
Not trying to do harm 
But you basically hang garbage
On our arms
It’s just obnoxious

Hey, all 
Like! Like! There’s a hootenanny happenin’
It’s gonna be a star-studded night
We’ve called 
Winky face! All the birdtaurs here in Centaurworld
Reminding them to repost and like
And at the heart of each hootenanny 
Is a message of goodwill and love
We should share
On every social media platform we have
BT-Dubs, guys, where’s Bayden?

What a privilege!
Meowy, meowy
Hootenanny! Hootenanny!
From the seas up to the land
We cannot wait to 
All celebrate true unity In good old centaur hootenanny style
Because, you know
It’s really been a while

Okay, Dad. Hey, Daddleton?
I’ve been hearing snippets of what these guys are saying a hootenanny is,
and I think I’m even more confused than I was when I first asked the question.
They all seem to be singing about completely unrelated tangents and details.
Frankly, I’ve lost interest in the topic.
Ugh! Okay, I can’t hold it in anymore.
I’m going to tell you what a hootenanny is.
-Okay, Stabby?
-Really, Dad, I’m good.

A hootenanny’s when all centaurs
Shave their body hair
And some of them start roller skating
While they bob for pears
And then, the whole time
There’s, like, this creepy old guy
Watching from the corner
He’s eating cheese sauce by itself
While playing a recorder
-Okay, well, are there presents, at least?
-Of course, son. We’re not savages.
And that’s
A hootenanny
Thanks, Dad.

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