The Ballad of Guskin the Gophertaur

The Ballad of Guskin the Gophertaur is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 7 “The Hootenanny”. The song is sung by Gophertaur and others and performed by The Centaurworld Cast.

The Ballad of Guskin the Gophertaur Lyrics

In the underground
There’s no shortage of pretty things And the wormtaurs
And the moletaurs got no eyes So sit back With a hot stein full of corn dogs 
Corn dogs  And I’ll tell you
Of the most beautiful guy

He’s Guskin the Gophertaur
Look at him go 
Watch him dig with his powerful thighs
Oh, he’s Guskin the Gophertaur
You’ll fall in love
With his beautiful gophertaur eyes 

He’s Guskin the Gophertaur
Look at him go
Oh, I don’t know
what you’re talkin’ about, Ched.
These guys look
like they’re getting along to me.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. The holetaurs are,
but, uh, you just watch.
It gets better.
With his beautiful gophertaur eyes
His beautiful gophertaur eyes

Wait a minute. Ice?
What’s this ice doin’ in my hole?
What’s this hole doin’ around our ice?
Move it over there 
Follow his advice
But we need to for the hootenanny

We brought it all the way here
We like to keep it nice
But if we put it over there
Then there’ll be trashtaurs by our ice
Always blamin’ trashtaurs
You make the planet gross  We’re pickin’ up your garbage
Let me tell ya somethin’, folks If you don’t want
Trashtaurs coming round Then throw your stuff away
Don’t leave garbage on the ground If you don’t want
Trashtaurs coming round Put your stuff in the bin
You ding-dongs
Don’t leave garbage on the ground

You guys are loud and annoying
Thank you!
It was so hard for us
Just to come and be a part of this 
We pulled our roots up
Out of the ground
And rode a whaletaur across the sea 
Just so a bunch of birdtaurs
Could nest in usAnd use our bodies as a restroom 

Comfortable Doug
Comfortable D 
Comfortable, Comfortable Doug  Comfortable D 
Comfortable Doug, Comfortable Doug  Dee, dee, Comfortable D, D, D
Comfortable Doug

Malandrew! Malandrew!
Yes? Yes? Would you please bring Mommy her hat?
I’d like to go home Guess what Mommy just learned?
It turns out, I like cats! Oh, but Grandmama
Who, me?  You’re not my mom 
That’s silly!
My mom went missing years ago 

Everything is fine
Making biscuits with my feet
Or draped across the beach
A-diddly yes
And nothing bothers me

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