Becky Apples

Becky Apples is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 4 “Holes: Part 3”. The song is sung by Horse and Wammawink and performed by Kimiko Glenn and Megan Hilty.

Becky Apples Lyrics

Wammawink: Jeffica.
Horse: Becky Apples.
Wammawink: Jeffica.
Horse: I bet Becky’s got perfect hair.
Wammawink: Jeffica.
Wammawink: Jeffica’s got stupid, stupid hooves.
Horse: I’m never gonna eat another apple ever again!
Wammawink: Ooh! It really bunches my wool to think how badly she hurt you.
Baby girl, tell me your story

Horse: I left my Rider
So that I could raise an army
Wammawink: So that she could raise an army
Horse: Then C-Doug popped up
And he said something alarming
Wammawink: What’d he say?
Horse: He told me that
My best friend’s ridden
Wammawink: No!
Horse: Another horse so pretty
Wammawink: No. No way!
Horse: And her name is Becky Apples
Because of course it is

Both: Becky Apples, Becky Apples
Horse: What a gorgeous, fancy schmuck
Both: Becky, how you like them apples?
Horse:‘Cause I think your apples suck
Both: Becky Apples, Becky Apples 
Horse: Guess what?
I knew Rider first 
And while, technically
I don’t know Becky
I know she’s the worst

Wammawink: Ugh! She is so the worst, Horse.
Horse: Right?
Wammawink: It’s unbelievable.
Horse: Ugh. Stupid Becky.
Wammawink: But can I tell you about someone
who’s kind of a total Becky in my life?
Horse: Okay. Uh, I mean, I’m kind of not done
being mad about Becky Apples.

Wammawink: Well, I was flirtin’, flirtin’
With a slick merdude
Horse: Not the same situation.
Wammawink: He was the finest carny
That I’ve ever pursued
Horse: There was more than one?
Wammawink: He played me like a ukulele
Horse: He did.
Wammawink: I don’t want no drama, baby
Horse: Too late.
Wammawink: But I flipped when I found out
His girlfriend was a llama lady

Wammawink: Oh, that Jeffica
That Jeffica’s got stupid, pretty legs 
And I bet that Sunfish Merguy
Would let her adopt his eggs 
Jeffica, Jeffica, Jeffica, Jeffica
Ugh, even her wool is perkier
Maybe Jeffica’s flirty boyfriend
Is the one who’s the actual jerk here 

Wammawink: Jeffica! Making me feel bad about projecting my own insecurities
and displacing blame on her when she really did nothing wrong?
Ugh! She’s the worst.
Oh, right! You’re sad.

Both: I feel your pain, girl
I’m your vindicator 
And we don’t know 
Wammawink: Jeffica
Horse: Becky
Both: We just know we hate her 
This isn’t okay
And this isn’t fine
Wammawink: Let it out, baby girl.
Horse: It’s just, I thought Rider
Would always be mine

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