Potion (Elena Of Avalor)

Potion is a song from musical episode “Sweetheart’s Day” from season 3 of Elena of Avalor. The song is sung by Elena, Flo and Mateo.

Potion Lyrics

Mateo: They messed up  how the spell is cast   
Elena:  I’m hoping  you can fix it fast   
Armando speaking: Sorry. I was just trying to improve my voice.
Flo: But it made us sing  without a choice   

  Mateo: This so‐called “potion”   you two brewed      
 Put all of us   in a singing mood  
  Except for the one  whose hair was used   
Armando speaking: If that’s all, may I be excused?

 Mateo: Don’t leave just yet,  I have a notion  
Of how to make  a reversal potion   
But I need you  to come along   
So we can  finally end this song   
Ugh!    Since when am I out   of spidervine sap?   
Armando speaking: Oh, I might be responsible for that.
Elena:  Is there a place   to get some more?   
Mateo: Uh‐huh,  at Doña Paloma’s store   
Elena:Then what in the world  are we waiting for?   
Mateo:  Uh, my throat’s  gettin’ sore   
 Elena: Grab the door   

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