Step into the Great Unknown

Step into the Great Unknown is a song from Phineas and Ferb the Movie Candace Against the Universe. The song is sung by Phineas and Isabella and performed by Vincent Martella and Alyson Stoner.

Step into the Great Unknown Lyrics

Phineas: This is a dangerous proposition
We’re heading out on an intergalactic sibling rescue mission
I’m gonna try my best to instill us
With some courage, ’cause we never know what might jump out and kill us
Baljeet: Wait, kill us?
Phineas: Well, yeah, I mean, we don’t know

Maybe there’s monsters who spit spider webs or breathe sulfuric acid
Maybe there’s sentient vegetation that will spew out noxious gasses
Maybe there’s a shark with the wings of an eagle and the pancreas of a lizard
Maybe there’s creatures made completely out of rock, paper and scissors
I guess the point I’m making is we really have no clue
What the heck we’re gonna see, what the heck we’re gonna do

But we’re not gonna leave her on the other side of everything
We won’t leave her there alone
We may be over prepared, but we have no idea what’s there, so let’s
Phineas and Isabella: Stop, take a breath, before we step into the great unknown

Buford: Wait, wait, wait! Now I’m nervous!
Baljeet: Yeah, I am not sure that all this speculation is the best way to instill courage

Phineas: I’ll admit that my heart is racing
There’s an infinite set of variables; we don’t know what we’re missing
But we really need to stay on track
‘Cause we’re gonna save our sister; nothing’s gonna hold us back

Phineas and Isabella: Not even alien dust that comes alive and flies into your nose
Or giant freaky insects who’ll lay eggs in everybody’s clothes
Not vampire alien overlords; that really might exist
Or for that matter any of these other improbable things of which I’ve made a list

Phineas: I guess the point I’m making is we really never know
But it doesn’t matter anyway; we’re still gonna go

Phineas and Isabella: ‘Cause we’re not gonna leave her on the other side of everything
We won’t leave her there alone
And though we may be unaware of what is waiting over there
We’ll just stop, take a breath, and step into the great unknown
And it’s best that we be wary ’cause this really might be scary
We are, all of us, about to step into the great unknown

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