Elena of Avalor List of Songs

Elena Of Avalor is a tv series created by Craig Gerber (also he creates Sofia The First) about first Latina Disney Princess. Each episode (except one) contains one or more songs.

Songs By Characters:

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Elena Of Avalor Main Theme Song

Elena And The Secret Of Avalor

  1. The Great Unknown
  2. Spirit Of Avalor
  3. My Time
  4. My Time (Reprise)

Season 1

  1. Ready To Rule (First Day of Rule)
  2. Sister Time (Model Sister)
  3. Blow My Top (All Heated Up)
  4. Avaloran Lullaby (Island of Youth)
  5. Avalor Birthday Song (Island of Youth)
  6. The Magic Within You (Spellbound)
  7. Feel Free to Have Fun  (Prince Too Charming)
  8. Something Special  (Finders Leapers)
  9. To Be In My Club (Royal Retreat)
  10. Festival of Love (A Day to Remember)
  11. The Gift of Night (The Scepter of Light)
  12. The Way We Do Navidad  (Navidad)
  13. Let Love Light the Way (Navidad)
  14. Play It Your Way (Olaball)
  15. The Bros Are Back (Flight of the Jaquins)
  16. Fix Anything (Crystal in the Rough)
  17. Steppin’ Up (The Princess Knight)
  18. Home for Good  (Captain Turner Returns)
  19. Something I Would Never Do (King of the Carnaval)
  20. The Bright Light of the Ball (My Fair Naomi)
  21. The Bright Light of the Ball (Reprise) (My Fair Naomi)
  22. Your Spirit Guide (Spirit Monkey Business)
  23. Cast A Spell With Me  (Wizard-in-Training)
  24. Got It Down (Realm of the Jaquins)
  25. It’s a Big Deal (Realm of the Jaquins)
  26. You Can’t Catch Me (Realm of the Jaquins)
  27. Forever (Party of a Lifetime)
  28. It’s Up To Us  (Blockheads)
  29. Best for Our Guests  (Masks of Magic)

Season 2

  1. Make Them Proud (The Jewel of Maru)
  2. A Little Bit More (Royal Rivalry)
  3. The Captain of the Guard (The Curse of El Guapo)
  4. Grown Up Enough (Three Jaquins and a Princess)
  5. Don’t Look Now  (A Spy in the Palace)
  6. Hand In Hand (Science Unfair)
  7. This New Day (Rise of the Sorceress)
  8. The Right Thing To Do (Shapeshifters)
  9. Wisest Wizard in the World (The Scepter of Night)
  10. If You Just Keep Moving On (The Race for the Realm)
  11. Only One Will Remain (A Tale of Two Scepters)
  12. Welcome To The Future (Class Act)
  13. Armando (All Kingdom Fair)
  14. Fallin’ Like a Rock  (A Lava Story)
  15. Familia Forever (Song Of The Sirenas)
  16. A New Tale (Song Of The Sirenas)
  17. Our Chance (Song Of The Sirenas)
  18. The Art of the Steal   (The Tides of Change)
  19. The Legend of Los Tres  (The Return of El Capitán)
  20. Top Banana King  (Finding Zuzo)
  21. Home for Navidad (Snow Place Like Home)
  22. Hearts Full of Cheer (Snow Place Like Home)
  23. The Most Royal Man (Two Left Fins)
  24. Never Leave (Never Get Away) (Movin’ On Up)
  25. More Than Your Magic  (Not Without My Magic)
  26. Give Me A Shot (Luna’s Big Leap)
  27. Speak (Naomi Knows Best)

Season 3 Songs

  1. Be One And Only (Sister of Invention)
  2. In The Glorius Now (Save a Sunbird)
  3. Chief Daddy (Father in Chief)
  4. In Her Honor ( The Incredible Shrinking Royals )
  5. Royal Friends (Norberg Peace Prize)
  6. Be Alive (The Magic Within)
  7. The Wonder Of Me (The Magic Within)
  8. With Everyone (The Magic Within)
  9. Love Always (The Magic Within)
  10. In the Spirit of Love ( Flower of Light )
  11. Should Be In Charge (Captain Mateo)
  12. Pick It Up (Sugar Rush)
  13. That’s What Sisters Do ( The Family Treasure )
  14. Unspoken (Dreamcatcher)
  15. You Must Persist ( Changing of the Guard)
  16. Wings Up (King Skylar )
  17. By My Side (Spirit of a Wizard)
  18. More, More, More (Team Isa)
  19. Chasing Down the Wind ( The Last Laugh )
  20. Hanukkah Night ( Festival of Lights )
  21. Friendship (The Birthday Cruise)
  22. Master Of My Fate (Giant Steps)
  23. You Can Do It (Shooting Stars)
  24. Magic Works Like A Charm (Crash Course)
  25. Sweetheart’s Day
  26. Something In The Air
  27. Potion
  28. Sweeter Days
  29. Sweetheart’s Day (Reprise)
  30. I Have All You Need And More
  31. You Got To Sing
  32. Perfect Girl For Me
  33. Perfect Guy For Me
  34. Way Back When (The Lightning Warrior)
  35. How We Love You
  36. Choose Or Lose (Heart Of Jaguar)
  37. Girls Day (Elena’s Day Off)
  38. Choose Your Path  (To Queen or Not to Queen)

The Coronation Day Season 3 Episode 28 The Series Finale

  1. Begin A New Journey
  2. Fit To Be Queen
  3. Four Shades Of Awesome
  4. Never Too Late
  5. Our Love Will Always Shine So Bright 

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