Speak is a song from Season 2 Elena Of Avalor episode 25 Naomi Knows Best. The song is sung by Migs, Skylar and Naomi.

Speak Lyrics

Migs: Things are lookin’ grim
Skylar: Yup!
Migs: Our chances slim
Skylar: Oh, Yeah!
Migs: Just between you and me and him
Skylar: Just us!

Migs: From what we seen
Skylar: We’ve seen
Migs: Your mind is keen
Skylar: So keen
Migs: But when it came time to intervene

Skylar:You didn’t stand up
For what you believe in
Migs: Nope
Skylar: You didn’t stop them
When they started leaving
Migs: Uh-uh

Skylar: So if you’re wondering what to do
Migs: We’ve got a single word for you

Both: Speak
Migs: Say you’re mind now
Both: Speak
Skylar: You’ll be fine now
Both: Speak
Migs: Don’t you ever be afraid to cross the line now
Both: Speak
Skylar: You got brains so
Both: Speak
Migs: Take the reigns, go
Both: Speak
Skylar: It’s the only way
To rid us of the pains so
Both: Speak

Migs: Now you know exactly what you gotta do
Skylar: Proudly fight to make them see your point of view
All: And speak
Migs: Loud and clearly
All: Speak
Skylar: Most sincerely
All: Speak
Migs: Even if one’s agreeing with your theory
All: Speak
Skylar: Show you’re clever
All: Speak
Migs: It’s now or never
All: Speak
Skylar: And they’ll listen more respectfully than ever
All: When you speak
You’ve got to speak

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