Grateful for the Greens

Grateful for the Greens is a promotional song of Disney TV Show “Big City Greens”.

Grateful for the Greens Lyrics

All this month ya have to know
Just how much we love the show
Makes us say “Bingo bango!”
Grateful for the Greens

Ain’t no need for hesitating
When we start to celebrating
You will find it captivating
Grateful for the Greens

Greens: Wow.

You can see special new shorts and all your favorite episodes Saturdays at 11 when we start the marathon.

Start the marathon!

Tilly: It’s startin’!

There’s lots to be thankful for.
But one thing’s for sure, we are…
Grateful for the… Greens!

Greens: Aww!
Gramma: Okay, that’s enough.
Cricket: Bingo bango.

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