The Wonder of Me

The Wonder of Me is a song from season 3 Elena of Avalor special episode  6 “The Magic Within”. It is sung by Doña Paloma and performed by Constance Marie.

 The Wonder of Me Lyrics

  Sometimes in life     
You’re given a gift     
A taste of perfection  
sublimely well done     
That time is here     
You’re in for a treat     
A present from me     
And yes you’re welcome     

Before you shines     
A shining star     
My glow is shining     
Oh so far     
A glowing golden     
Sight to see     
Cast your eyes  
on the wonder of me!  

 Look at us now I know  
Just what you’re thinking     
And that’s
oh wow  
Please clap a little louder     
We’ll take our bow     
Go on make a fuss     
For the wonderful us  

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