You Gotta Sing!

You Gotta Sing is a song from musical episode “Sweetheart’s Day” from season 3 of Elena of Avalor. The song is sung by Elena, Flo and Mateo.

You Gotta Sing Lyrics

Mateo: The potion  has been mixed   
The sap is in there, too   
If we want  this song curse nixed   
There’s just  one more thing to do   
You gotta sing   
Armando (speaking): Huh! But I can’t sing.
Have you heard my voice?
Mateo: Sorry,  you don’t have a choice   
Since you’re the one  who cast the spell   
You gotta sing  to make things well   
You gotta sing   

Armando (speaking): But I’m always off‐key.
I can’t keep a beat.
Elena: No one will hear  on this quiet street   
Armando (speaking): I guess. But I don’t know what to sing.
Mateo: It really can be anything   
Flo: What about Marlena’s tune?   
Mateo: Anything,  just do it soon   
You gotta sing   
Elena: You gotta sing   
 You gotta sing!   

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