Perfect Girl For Me

Perfect Girl For Me is a song from musical episode “Sweetheart’s Day” from season 3 of Elena of Avalor. The song is sung by Armando, Elena, Flo and Mateo.

Perfect Girl For Me Lyrics

Armando: For years now  
I’ve admired you from afar   
Mateo: Sing out louder   
Elena: Sing out prouder   
Armando: For years now,
I’ve admired you from afar   
Elena: You can do it   
 Flo: Nothin’ to it   

Armando: For years now,
I’ve admired you from afar   
Too shy to speak to you   
Or get too close  to where you are   
Your smile is much better   
Than any puppet show   
Your scent  is so much sweeter   
Than any cheese I know   
And I couldn’t help  but notice   
That my heart beats  faster when you’re near   
Couldn’t help but notice   
That I’ve felt this way  for many years   
Couldn’t help but notice   
Couldn’t help but notice   
You are  the perfect girl for me

Armando:  And my puppets all agree   
What happy sweethearts we could be   
You have my heart and hold the key   
The perfect, perfect girl   
For me

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