Wendell’s Way

Wendell’s Way is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 2 “Minimus is Missing”. It is sung by Wendell Fidget and performed by Ilan Galkoff.

Wendell’s Way Lyrics

Hey, Hey, today is my birthday
But I’m going out of my head
Cause all I wanted was one flying horsey
But I got this crummy lute instead
So I went and cast a little spell
Got every flying horse in the land

And let me tell ya, I’m just getting started
There’s so much more I’m gonna demand

You’re gonna do it Wendell’s way
I call the shots and everyone better obey
What I want is what I will get
That’s a promise and also a threat


Your pretty horses are my little pets now
So you better stay out of my way
Cause all I gotta do is strum my little lute
And they’ll do whatever I say

Now do-si-do!
Oh yeah!

Cause that’s Wendell’s way
You’re gonna do it my way
Or you’re gonna pay
That’s Wendell’s way

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