Sunny Thoughts

Sunny Thoughts (Happy Thoughts) is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 12 “Stormy Lani”. It is sung by Sofia and Lani and performed by Ariel Winter and Abigail Mavity.

Sunny Thoughts Lyrics

Sofia: Whenever I feel stormy
And want to yell and shout
I have a little thing I do
To help me mellow out
I let go of my anger
Stop feeling so distraught
Forget what made me gloomy
And think a sunny thought

Like flying in the derby
Or fencing with James
Dancing with Amber
Big Dazzleball games
Summertime picnics that last all day long
Magical dragons who break out in song

These sunny thoughts always help to remind me 
That I can put those bad feelings behind me.

Lani: Coconut Bowling
Exploring sea caves
Swimming with dolphins
Or splashing in waves.
Taking a journey with a good friend
Seeing a rainbow when a storm ends

Sofia: These sunny thoughts
Lani: Always help to remind us.
Both: That we can leave those bad feeling behind us.
That’s how we leave those bad feelings way, way, way behind us.

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