The Magic in the Music

The Magic in the Music is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 29 “The Princess Prodigy”. It is sung by Baron Von Rocha and children and performed by Jaden Betts and Sofia The First Cast.

The Magic in the Music Lyrics

Baron Von Rocha: You could make this artwork spin around inside it’s frame
And then cause those sunny skies to change into some rain
You all could learn to play Magical Music

Strike up a spell anytime that you choose it
With my special sheets
You’ll preform major feats
So pay close attention
For best comprehension

Then you can feel the magic
All the magic in the music
I’ll teach you all you need to know
With my pal Piccolo
The lesson’s just begun
So now let’s have some fun
And feel the magic in the music

This old tune will let you float so high up in the air
Play each note exactly right for if you don’t, beware
One tiny slip-up will make your spell fumble

Then you’ll be in for a terrible tumble
But practice with heart
And you’ll master this art
And soon go from frazzled
To dazzled and dazzled

Vivian: Oh, I can feel the magic
Sofia: The magic in the music
Both: He’ll teach us all we need to know
With help from good old Piccolo
And we’ll both learn a ton
Together we’ll have fun
Baron Von Rocha: Yes, you can feel the magic
Sofia/Vivian: The fun

Baron Von Rocha: The magic in the music
And make chairs grow branches like a tree
I’ll help you set your talent free
So just prepared to be stunned
Oh yes we’ll have some fun
And feel the magic in the music

Sofia/Vivian: We feel the magic in the music
Baron Von Rocha: You’ll feel the magic in the music
Amber/James/Khailid/Sofia/Vivian: The music

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