Sofia The First Season 3 Songs

The third season of Sofia the First started on 5 August 2015, season 3 contains 30 episodes and 33 songs.

Season 3 Songs:

  1. Moment to Shine (“Cool Hand Fluke”)
  2. Wendell’s Way (“Minimus is Missing”
  3. A Better Me (“Cedric Be Good”)
  4. When It Comes (To Making Friends “Princess Adventure Club”)
  5. It’s Up To You (“Minding the Manor”)
  6. Save The Day (“The Secret Library”)
  7. Genie Rules “New Genie on the Block”
  8. This Fliegel Has Landed “The Fliegel Has Landed”
  9. Gotta Reach a Higher Height “The Princess Ballet”
  10. I Like You So Much “All the Sprite Moves”
  11. Elvenmoor “Sofia in Elvenmoor”
  12. Sunny Thoughts “Stormy Lani”
  13. Take a Leap “Lord of the Rink”
  14. My Finest Flower “Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle”
  15. Magic Like Merlin “Gone with the Wand”
  16. You’re the Cutest Thing “Bad Little Dragon”
  17. Living It Up “Bunny Swap”
  18. Be an Expert Expert “Her Royal Spyness”
  19. I’m A New Horse Now “Best in Air Show”
  20. Dads and Daughters Song “Dads and Daughters Day”
  21. A Knight Such As I “The Tale of the Noble Knight”
  22. This Panda Just Wants to Dance “The Bamboo Kite”
  23. More to Adore “Beauty is the Beast”
  24. The Broomstick Dance “Cauldronation Day”
  25. The Summer Camp Blues “Camp Wilderwood”
  26. What A Vacation “Royal Vacation”
  27. The Great Unknown (Elena and the Secret of Avalor)
  28. The Spirit of Avalor (Elena and the Secret of Avalor)
  29. My Time (Elena and the Secret of Avalor)
  30. My Time (Reprise) (Elena and the Secret of Avalor)
  31. Our Wizards Are the Best “Hexley Hall”
  32. The Magic in the Music “The Princess Prodigy”
  33. Live It to Learn It “One for the Books”

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