I’m A New Horse Now

I’m A New Horse Now is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 19 “Best in Air Show”. It is sung by Minimus and performed by Eric Stonestreet.

I’m A New Horse Now Lyrics

One morning, I followed my folks out on the course
Hoping I could be a great daredevil horse
I got up some speed and I tried to triple roll
But I lost control and conked into a flag pole

Ever since that day no one’s ever thought of me as stunt horse material
No siree and Mom said
“Better pick a safe barn life, my son”
Now she just thinks of me as the stable one

But lately I’ve been daring
I’ve been bold
Even braved a blizzard with a cold
Yeah, I’m a new horse now
I’m feeling braver every day
I just wish Mom could see me that way
Yeah, I’m a new horse now

(Instrumental Bridge)

Oh, I’m not still that little foal
Who tumbled straight into a flagpole
Oh no
I’m a new horse now

And now my mom will finally see
What a flying horse I can be
‘Oh yeah oh yeah
I’m a new horse now

I’m a new horse now
Cause I’m a new horse now

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