When It Comes To Making Friends

When It Comes To Making Friends is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 4 “Princess Adventure Club”. It is sung by Princess Zooey and performed by Fiona Bishop.

When It Comes To Making Friends Lyrics

I’ve traveled around the globe
On hundreds of far-flung trips.
I’ve scaled towering mountains
And sailed on pirate ships.
I’ve outrun minotaurs,
Leapt from runaway wagons.
Parachuted off cliffs,
gone wing-walking on dragons.

Yeah, all that and much more
I sure know how to do.
But when it comes to making friends,
I just don’t have a clue.
Yeah, put me in a jungle
And I know how to thrive.
But in a Royal School,
How can I survive?

(Instrumental Bridge)

Yeah, there’s a whole lot in the world
That I know how to do.
And when it comes to making friends,
I’ve a chance at that now too.
Put me in a jungle,
Yeah I know how to thrive. 
And in this Royal school,
now I might just survive.

when it comes to making friends
It’s finally true.
I know how to
And that’s because of you.

I know how to
All because of you.

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