Living It Up

Living It Up is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 17 “Bunny Swap”. It is sung by Barley and Clover and performed by Khary Payton and Wayne Brady.

Living It Up Lyrics

Barley: Well I’m just a country bunny
I never thought my life could be so great
I got a Princess and a pillow
And a snack bowl seven times my weight


I’m living it up in the Royal style
Living it up makes me wanna smile
Living it up, think I’ll stay a while
Living it up, oh yeah
I’m living it up

Clover: I wish that I was back at home now
Could use a little nap and maybe a snack
I’d rather have a little brushing
Instead of all these branches scratching my back 


I’m not living it up, been hoping for miles
Not living it up, really cramping my style
Not living it up, getting harder to smile
Not living it up oh no
Not living it up 

Barley: Everything is cozy here in the castle
Clover: I wanna see my brand new pillow with all the tassels
Barley: Just how many blueberries can I knock back?
Clover: Man, I wish nature would cut me some slack

Barley: I’m living it up, no longer have to worry
Clover: Not living it up, I really gotta hurry
Barley: I’m living it up, feeling soft and furry
Living it up
Clover: I’m about to give up
Barley: I’m living it up 
Oh yeah
I’m living it up

Clover: I’m giving up

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