A Knight Such As I

A Knight Such As I is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 21 “The Tale of the Noble Knight”. It is sung by Sir Oliver and performed by Kevin Michael Richardson.

A Knight Such As I Lyrics

All across this fair kingdom
I’m known as the strongest knight
But I’m also quite famous
for being the bravest
And looking good whenever I fight


So if you want to assist me
You can cheer me on as I go
To fetch the shield from the tower
with magical power
To freeze dragon fire like snow

Oh what a thrill it must be
To behold the greatness of me
Alas it is not everyday
That a knight such as I comes your way

(instrumental bridge)

Now once I get rid of those dragons
I’ll prove my courage and might
They’ll be no debating
My super high grading
The king will surely make me First Knight

Oh what a thrill it will be
To preclaim the greatness of me
No help will be needed today
For a knight such as I
Will succeed in one try
When a knight such as I leads the way

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