This Fliegel Has Landed

This Fliegel Has Landed is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 8 “The Fliegel Has Landed”. It is sung by Grotta and performed by Jessica DiCicco.

This Fliegel Has Landed Lyrics

I don’t like the dark, but I live in a cave
A cozy little home is what I crave
Even if I have to misbehave
Beware, this fliegel has land

From kingdom to kingdom I have roamed
Searching high and low with a fine-tooth comb
Finally found a cave to call my home
Behold, this fliegel has landed

I used to reside under ol’ Khaldune
Til they chased me outta town
But this little cave will do just fine
Once I move a few things around

(Instrumental Bridge)

Like it or not I’m here to stay
So you better do everything I say
Or there’s gonna be a hefty price to pay
Because this fliegel has landed

Oh yeah
This fliegel has landed
Look out
This fliegel has landed
On you


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